Sports Injuries Specialist

Sports Injuries services offered in River North, Chicago and Evanston, IL

Sports participation is a fantastic way to stay physically and mentally fit. But certain sports can increase your risk of painful sports injuries. At Northside Foot & Ankle PC, Timothy Kruse, DPM, offers diagnostic testing services on-site and tailors a treatment plan to your needs. As a fellowship-trained foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Kruse uses the latest techniques to repair fractures and other foot and ankle injuries. Call the office in River North, Chicago, or Evanston, Illinois, today to schedule an appointment or book a consultation for sports injuries online.

Sports Injuries Q&A

What are the common sports injuries?

Many sports, including basketball, soccer, and running, involve heavy use of the feet and ankles. For this reason, several foot and ankle-related injuries are common to these sports, affecting athletes at all levels of experience.

The different sports injuries that Dr. Kruse diagnoses and treats include:

  • Blisters
  • Fractures
  • Tendinitis
  • Dislocations
  • Muscle sprains
  • Ligament strains
  • Achilles tendon tears

As a result of your participation in sports over several years, you could also be at risk of developing osteoarthritis. This wear-and-tear disease breaks down the protective cartilage in your joints.

When should I seek treatment for sports injuries?

If you suffer an injury to your feet or ankles while playing sports, it’s always best to schedule an evaluation at Northside Foot & Ankle PC soon after. Even if you’re not in pain, Immediate medical attention can prevent more severe complications if a sports injury is left untreated.

Dr. Kruse offers physical exams and diagnostic testing in-office to evaluate the severity of your sports injury. Based on your test results, he can determine if you need treatment.

If your injury requires additional care, Dr. Kruse customizes a care plan to relieve your pain and ensure that your foot or ankle injury heals fully.

How are sports injuries treated?

Several treatments are available to treat sports injuries involving the foot and ankle. Dr. Kruse usually recommends rest, elevation, ice therapy, and over-the-counter medications as the initial treatment of sprains, strains, and tendinitis.

For more severe sports injuries, surgery is sometimes needed. Dr. Kruse’s fellowship in foot and ankle surgery allows him to repair more severe injuries like fractures and arthritis damage with a high level of precision. He can often use minimally invasive techniques that require only small incisions so that you can heal faster with less risk of complications and scarring.

In addition to treating your sports injury, Dr. Kruse can teach you ways to improve your performance in a sport without increasing your risk of further injuries. He could also suggest updating your footwear or using orthotics to better support your feet and ankles during training and competition.

If you need a diagnostic evaluation of sports injuries, call the Northside Foot & Ankle PC office nearest you today or book a consultation online.